Art Project – EUROPE 2010

1. “ The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse “

This Drawing represent a Painting the size of: (5 x 2,50 Mt.) which I will create in circa 12 month of time.The Painting will be finished by december  2009. From the beginning of 2010 this Painting plus 9 other Art works will be on Tour and will be showed in different cities of Europe.

This Painting represent the “ Finger-Print “ of our Planet today!

This Painting represent the decay in our Civilizetion… the Hate and Wars we have created between races of different religions and different colours of skin!

This Painting represent the “ Medicine ” we are taking to achieve Self – Destruction!

This Painting represent the “ Pure-Ignorance “ of the Human-Races, forward the concept of Life!

This Paintig represent the mistakes and the ugliness… the massacres, the famine and the deaths we create every days, in the name of greediness!

This Painting represent the absolute disintegrations of our Civilization.

This Art work represent a WARNING to all MANKIND  living in this strange PLANET!

2.  “ Oleum Pietaes Plasticum Terrae “

This Art work represent the environment of Nature in our Planet Earth were we are living!

Pictur coming soon!

 3. “ Horse & Rider “

This Sculpture is an Homage to a great Italian Artist… CARLO CARRÁ

 4. “ The Mathematical Death of the Faraons of Egypt

This Art work represent the “ Supreme Geniality “ of the people of Egypt.

 5. “ Cosmic Odissej “

This Paintig represent a future travelling into Space by Mankind.

 6. “ Cosmic Cathedral “

This Painting “ Cosmic Cathedral “ deals with the faith and the mistery of God in the constant order of religions and the infinite worship of Mankind.

Vittoriano Delgado


International Artist