Visual art today has been mutilated, mistaken and misused for political and profitable purposes.

The artist of today must bear the responsibility of keeping up traditional techniques in the process of developing art.

My effort to explain the idea behind my works of art is an attempt to convey the conflict between painter/sculptor and the extreme modernistic art movements of today and the help maintaiin our history, culture and integrity, in this cosmic era.

The artist of the cosmic future will not find stability and recognition by simply creating art as an eyecatcher for the mass media, but by the understanding and revival of the very deep soul of mankind, iin connection with the development of the cosmic universe.

Art today must be executed and observed with individuality but must contain perspective, drawing technique and originality. The problem of today´s artist is the total lack of creative mechanism. This is found not in creating decorative visuality in a picture or a sculpture, but in the rediscovery and representation of the earth and history of manking.

The artist´s idea must preserve and represent the artist´s intelligence in constant progress to create better surroundings and communications - a universal language for everybody.