Dear sir or madame!

You are a very privileged person to visit the fantastic city of San Gimignano.

You will have the possibility, to have the photos of your choice taken by you in San Gimignano, painted and reproduced in a original art work. (Painted in canvas with oil or acrylic colours) and certificated by the artist as a unique work of art, by the international artist Vittoriano Delgado.

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MR. & MRS. SQUARE Holiday in San Gimignano

Delgado´s book <Mr. & Mrs. Square holiday in San Gimignano > it´s not a book to read...but it´s a book create by the Artist as a form of Art and must be looked as a unique Art work. The humouristic personages...having a holiday in the beautiful and historic city of San Gimignano in Tuscany, they created a human contact with the readers of this book and the lovers of San Gimignano.
Delgado made this work, as < Master Gepetto > created Collodi´s book.
Gepetto...cut and chopped an old piece of wood...Delgado took humourism...colours...papers and real people of today,living in difficult surroundings...searching for a peaceful and long life in a better environment. The osservation of the Artist at the city of San Gimignano...the surrounding landscapes...locations and tradicions...has created in this book a unique...artistic and poetic view for everybody.

I Vittoriano Delgado ( International Artist resident in Denmark ) writer & designer end owner of the COPYRIGHT of the ( STORY & DRAWINGS ) book with title:< MR. & MRS. SQUARE holiday in SAN GIMIGNANO >.

I´m selling the Rights of (STORY & DRAWINGS ) the book to be printed, distributed and sold in any :WORLD WIDE COUNTRIES in the own languages plus English language for the somme of: 15.000 EURO plus the Royalty to the writer & designer and owner of the COPYRIGHT, ( Vittoriano Delgado ).

I Vittoriano Delgado owner of the COPYRIGHT, reserve the Rigths of printing, marketing, distributing and sell this book (La FAMIGLIA SQUARE in VACANZA a SAN GIMIGNANO ) to the interested parties in the ITALIAN TERRITORY, in Italian and English languages only.

This Request must be bond by a Contract stipulate by an authorized Lawyer and signed by the Buyer and the owner of the COPYRIGTH.

The interested PARTIES can see the presentation of the book in my INTERNET PAGE of
San Gimignano.

5 Storie Antiche di San Gimignano

Come moltissimi pittori che nel passato hanno creato opere di San Gimignano... cosi´ anch´io visitando questa citta´ho avuto il desiderio di creare la mia prima opera pittorica...forse pensando di ricreare Storie Antiche in forma visuale...o forse di esperimentare le mie qualita´ creative.
E si´...purtroppo non avendo pennelli e colori...mi sono vestito da scrittore e con pennellate di parole o creato questo quadro.
Dove i Misteri dell´Universo...le Storie Antiche...e la Fantasia dell´Artista, camminano a braccetto...per creare nella mente del lettore. nuove Visuali e nuovi Colori.